Why we're different: The Maven Story

Dave MakerewichMaven President and Founder

Maven was born out of frustration — a frustration with the way many healthcare agencies work.

Frustration with the lack of understanding of the brand. Frustration with how slow and inefficient the process can feel. Frustration with receiving work that showed little insight or care.

We felt it was possible to structure a healthcare agency in a way that removes silos, improves collaboration, creates greater efficiencies, fosters accountability, and above all, delivers a superior product.

Maven was thus founded in 2016 by ex-marketers with a combined 25 years of experience in the pharma industry — as sales reps, trainers, managers and marketers.

Together, we have vowed to reimagine what’s possible to help enrich the healthcare marketer’s experience.

What we believe

We believe in first principles thinking — the process of breaking assumptions down to their fundamental truths and building a solution from the ground up.

Since being founded in 2016, we have actively questioned every assumption about:

How an agency should operate within the healthcare sphere

We have endeavored to build and continuously evolve a more targeted and complete, customer-centred solution.

What the current regulatory environment rules and regulations mean

We work with external regulatory bodies to get the root of potential compliance issues. We then come up with solutions that address regulatory concerns while still meeting our clients’ strategic objectives.

What we deliver

Because our unique approach and structure, here is what you should expect from us:

Best-in-class support, project ownership and accountability

Strategic partnership and planning

Pricing that is in line with your budget

A better agency experience, fine-tuned to your needs

A collaborative workplace that fosters growth