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Welcome to Maven, a healthcare agency located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We were founded by ex-pharmaceutical marketers with a combined 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Keep scrolling to learn what sets us apart from the rest.

ma  ven:
“an information specialist who is almost pathologically helpful and wants to solve other people’s problems…”
Malcolm Gladwell: The Tipping Point (2000)

Why we are

You may want to know who we are. The answer to that is fairly simple: Maven is an agency partner for healthcare companies that offers a spectrum of personalized support – from full strategic partnership to cost-effective tactical execution.

But the more important question is why we are. Above all, Maven exists because we weren’t happy with the status quo. We believed in building an agency that works better for everyone. Our approach means greater accountability to our clients, and a more rewarding work environment for our employees.

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Our core values

They say form follows function. The same principle applies to our values. It’s our core beliefs that have helped form our agency model and made us a valuable partner to our clients.


Always ask questions to uncover insights. Strive towards a deeper understanding of the brand and its strategic objectives. Create solutions aligned with brand and company strategy.


Always put the client at the centre of everything we do. Offer choice. Proactively manage projects. Anticipate obstacles and plan for contingencies. Do what’s needed to make the process smoother and the client’s life easier.


Strive for unquestioned client satisfaction. Always propose solutions that are innovative, high-value, and elegant. Make the client look like a rock star for their company.

Maven "gets it" - learn why

What we offer

Healthcare / pharmaceutical marketing and advertising

Full-service capabilities

From strategic partnership and innovation to cost-effective tactical execution, we personalize our service to your needs.

Regulatory guidance

We can help you navigate the regulatory landscape. We know how to push the boundaries of what’s possible while still working within the regulatory sandbox.

Ownership & accountability

We’re structured in a way that makes us more accountable to you. With Maven, you get best-in-class stakeholder ownership.

Medical Media

Our interdisciplinary creative team has combined experience in biomedical communication design, animation, graphic design, and illustration. Our expertise can help bring the story behind your product or technology to life while always respecting the constraints of your budget.

Medical illustration

Graphic design

Medical animation

Our work

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Shinning Light Brochure
Narcan Brochure
CTE 3D Model
Medical Illustration
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Niousha Ghazni
Maven Client
Jennifer Wellman
Lena Low
Thomas Tubiana
Elizabeth Isaacson
Sharon O'Grady
Sébastien Ouellet
Maven Client
Elina Chadda Langstaff

Niousha Ghazni

Marketing Director,
Emergent BioSolutions

From start to finish, my experience with Maven has been nothing short of amazing for the past 6 years.

Dave and his team consistently deliver on their core values. The Maven team listens to our needs, uncovers insights, probes to ask question, is never afraid to offer suggestions that may go in a different direction but overall delivers exceptional results! I can trust Maven that they will deliver the best product on time in the most cost-effective way.

I also appreciate that the Maven team is responsive, and I truly feel like they are an extension of my brand team with the same objectives and goals in mind. Dave has challenged me numerous times (for the better!) and has helped me see alternative solutions and opportunities.

What sets this team apart is their commitment to collaboration and communication. I never have to worry about follow-ups because they’re always one step ahead of me. I have worked with several creative agencies in the pharmaceutical space, none come close to the level of excellence and professionalism by Maven. They truly understand pharma marketing and are innovative in bringing ideas to life!