Meet the Team

Maven was born from frustration - a frustration at the way most healthcare agencies work.
A frustration at the lack of understanding of the brand.
A frustration at how slow and inefficient the process can feel.
A frustration at receiving work that showed little insight or care.
Maven was founded by ex-marketers with a  combined 25 years of experience in the pharma industry - as sales reps, trainers, managers, and marketers.
We have lived that frustration first-hand, and vow to enrich the pharma marketer's experience.

Honours Bachelor's of Science,

Human Biology, Master of Biotechnology (UofT)

Spent 5 years as a pharma sales rep in the allergy, diabetes, and CV spaces selling to GPs & specialists; then spent 5 years as a product manager in pharma marketing. But I never really felt fulfilled at work, and I struggled to find something that gave an in-depth exposure to both the science AND the art. I’m so happy that Maven gives me that opportunity–I’m now deeply entrenched in both, and I love it!

Personal Goal: Making a successful charity event for family, friends and close clientele (aiming to launch in 2020!). I LOVE Halloween!!! And I love celebrating it with good people. has been a personal passion for the last 4 years, and I’d love to take it to the next level and make it a bit more meaningful and even more memorable for everyone involved.


Dave Makerewich



I spent 13 years in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Sales Rep, Sales Trainer, Product Manager and Sales Manager. I love being able to combine my science background, my experience in Pharma, and my creative side to help bring elegant solutions to our clients.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry,

Masters of Medical Science (McMaster)

Personal Goal: I am working towards finding a balance between the needs of our clients, the needs of our business, and the needs of myself and my family, while having a great time long the way!


Kris Rieger



With nearly 15 years of experience working in healthcare communications, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with many clients in Rx, OTC, Animal Health and Devices, including J&J Canada, Bausch Health, Roche, Sandoz, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Church & Dwight, Elanco, Pfizer, EMD Serono, Galderma, Apotex, Bayer, and Amgen. I love the challenges this industry brings, finding innovative solutions for my clients, and that no day is ever the same. I was introduced to Maven by a former client and I knew it was the right place for me. Maven brings the perfect balance of agency "know-how" and intuitive focus on client's needs to make our clients happy, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about!

Honours Bachelors of Science, Biological Sciences

Personal Goal:  To be featured on the Food Network in a cookie-baking championship!


Kim Scott


I helped Dave get Maven started on a freelance basis while I worked in animation but jumped onto the Maven ship 3 years ago and haven't looked back. I get to try and push the design that most pharmaceutical & medical companies are used to seeing and give them something of quality.

Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation

(Sheridan College)

Personal Goal: I want to have a team of talented Designers under me that make me look better.


Chris Makerewich



Bachelor of Applied Arts (Sheridan College), Bachelor of Design (OCAD)

My first design position after graduation was with a branding studio in Toronto. I spent a transformative 4 years working at that studio before pursuing full-time freelance work for the next 4 years. More recently, Maven and I crossed paths and I jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of Senior Designer! Pharma design is relatively new to me, but I enjoy seeing how far we can push strict parameters to create compelling design work for Maven's clients.

Personal Goal: I'm training towards running a half-marathon in 2020!


Rachelle Letain


Masters of Science in Biomedical Communication Design (UTM), Bachelors of Design (OCAD)

I've always tried to narrow down my career to focus on designing with health, so working with Maven is excellent! As a designer, the work provides challenges re: working within legal frameworks. While some might find this stifling, I enjoy it because it allows me to demonstrate my technical skills. At Maven, we also get to wear many hats. I have opportunities to work in Art Direction; as well as explore different facets of design, be that motion graphics, UI/UX, or illustration. With all these hats, come different learnings that allow me to advance my skill set.

Personal Goal: I want to do a killer job during my Masters Degree; I'm really excited to start it in September!


Marty Shook


Masters of Management of Innovation, Honours Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology (UTM)

Throughout my undergraduate degree I enjoyed working at UTM Pool and Campbell Bader LLP, where I was first exposed to the various aspects of business. Through my Masters I then deepened my knowledge and understanding of business which lead me to discover that I enjoy working at the intersection of science and business. Maven provided me with a unique opportunity to work at this intersection, while also providing me the opportunity to increase my design knowledge and skills. The flexibility of remote work coupled with an amazing team and learning opportunities make Maven a really fun place to work.

Personal Goal: I want to master the basics of InDesign, be a part of a project from ideation to print and take another trip around the UK!


Sydney Murcar-Evans


Masters of Management of Innovation (UTM), Honours Bachelor of Health Science, Aging Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Western University)

Throughout my undergraduate degree I found a great passion for health and aging and was involved in meaningful dementia research. My master’s degree allowed me to gain a strong business acumen with a focus on innovative approaches to business fundamentals. I have developed a diverse skill set from my past roles as a casino table games dealer, a healthcare service design consultant, and in my current role at Maven. Maven allows me to work at the intersection of science and business in a way that emphasizes the importance of creativity and innovation. Working with Maven gives me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself both personally and professionally.

Personal Goal: I want to learn to play the ukulele!


Maryssa Edwards



Masters of Management of Innovation (UTM), Honours Bachelor of Science, Biology (Western University)

In my prior professional experiences at organizations such as Western Heads East, SE Health and Flipp, I constantly challenged the norm to develop strong innovative solutions to help others. These experiences, along with my academic background in science and business have allowed me to develop strong technical and interpersonal skills that I hope to build on at Maven. Making an impact is something that is core to who I am and Maven allows me to do just that everyday with our clients. I am excited and honoured to be part of a driven team that values personal and professional growth as deeply as I do.

Personal Goal: I want to volunteer with a number of organizations that are focused on helping refugees adjust to life in Canada.


Alaa Rida



Honours Bachelors of Science, Psychology & Health Care Ethics. Masters of Science, Public Health & Health Promotion

I knew Healthcare communications was the perfect industry for me as I'd get to explore the world of innovation, creativity & apply my scientific background. I have  garnered 8 years of experience working with valuable clients such as J&J, Merck, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Roche on integrated campaigns. These opportunities have allowed me to cultivate long lasting relationships with clients by providing solutions to key client challenges. Maven is an exceptional place where you are constantly challenged to be efficient & a proactive problem solver, so you can maximize your time to enhance your client’s lives!

Personal Goal: To be a classical trained North Indian dancer!


Ripika Kapoor



Masters of Management of Innovation (UTM), Honours Bachelor of Medical Science in Biochemistry (Western University)

My prior background in Medical Sciences in combination with my master’s degree in Management Innovation, has equipped me to leverage my scientific acumen in a professional business setting. My foray into the corporate world through my past work experience at Maple Leaf Foods was what attracted me to the business sector. The skills that I gained in project management and leadership in my internship as a Microbiologist at A&L Biologicals furthered these career ambitions. I am thrilled to now be a member of the Maven team.

Personal Goal: To learn basic coding in HTML and also attend my first NFL game.


Danika Brooks



My background is in science and healthcare. But my passion belongs to coding and software development. I worked for almost 2 years as a Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario before making the big jump to web development full-time. I have been coding since 2017 while working in healthcare. Since changing careers, my goal is to develop tools that can be used for educating others in science and human health. I have a keen interest in the relationship between human psychology and physical health.

Master of Science in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences (Queen’s University)
Honours Bachelor of Life Science (McMaster University)

Personal Goal: Build a variety of web applications from back to front end. Someday I would love to run a full marathon.


Adam Marsala


Extended Team

Full-stack tech lead with experience finding the most reliable paths from inception to completion.


Chang Wang


Full-stack developer with experience working on phone and web apps.


Jeffrey Burt


Arthur Tan is an award-winning medical writer and editor with over 30 years' experience in healthcare communications. Arthur is the Editorial Director of Art of Medicine, and also serves as an editorial consultant with Maven Medical Marketing.


Arthur Tan


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